Party: Bread & Butter w/ Matthew Styles & Moodtrap @ Basing House


Bread & Butter comes back with another finest line up to roll-off your saturday!
The internationally renowned Matthew Styles (Running Back-Ostgut Ton-Crosstown Rebels) will perform his unique signature sounds to an appreciative crowd along with Tsuba’s duo Moodtrap plus Nooned Crew + Bread and Butter djs resident.

Matthew Styles [Running Back, Ostgut Ton, Crosstown Rebels]

Englishman Matthew Styles is a special one. Firmly schooled in the history of dance music as a DJ, his productions usually carry a uniqueness that cannot be located in time and space. It was at the turn of the millennium when things started to happen for Matthew Styles, when he made a pivotal move to London. Once living in the capital he swiftly purchased an Akai MPC sampler, and met Damian Lazarus, and it was these two events that shaped Matthew’s next eleven years. In 2003 he took on an A&R role at Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, and for the next six years he was responsible for bringing new artists such as Minilogue and Pier Bucci to the worlds attention. Parallel to working at the label Matthew honed his skills as a producer, quickly amassing an arsenal of studio gear preparing a debut 12 inch as a solo artist. Fast forward to the present and Matthew has tunes and remixes on NRK, Bar 25 and Bpitch, as well as several full EPs on tonight’s label Horizontal. A highly respected DJ by all his peers, Styles never disappoints with his supreme DJ sets.

Moodtrap [Tsuba]

The best way to find out more about yourself is to become someone else for a while. What better way to do that in music than unleashing a brand new pseudonym that gives you total freedom of expression? Just ask London based duo, Moodtrap. Shedding the identity of their current producer / DJ project, the pair will remain anonymous in a bid to simply let their music do the talking. Their purist approach towards the promotion of Mootrap is both refreshing and reflective of the attitude of their music, namely 90s influenced, classic house sounds.
Having first appeared with a track on the wonderfully inimitable Tsuba Records, Moodtrap’s releases will be for Kevin Griffiths’ imprint exclusively. The debut EP, ‘Body To Body’ unveils four accomplished, underground house tracks. Displaying an old school energy and an utterly charming rawness, the guys have got their new alias off to a flying start. Their follow up, the ‘Make It Right’ EP sees the duo delving into the various different sides of their masked personalities. Through three new productions, the pair explore a heady concoction of bass driven techno, indulging their dubbier aesthetic before touching on the sounds of bassline and even garage.
The thing that really excites about this project though is being able to watch this masked identity grow through their own vision, never having to relent to outside pressures. The creativity stems from the duo and Tsuba themselves and nothing more. Nothing can stifle their creative process and that surely gives Moodtrap the potential to be truly innovative and create something special.

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