Bread & Butter talk with Ripperton

Ahead of his appearance at Bread & Butter this weekend, we had a chance to catch up with Ripperton to chat about how he originally got involved in the scene, his label, highlights for the year and future projects.
Since the beginning of his career, Ripperton has let loose with a prolific string of consistently high-quality releases and remixes, making his reputation as a purveyor of tasteful house, techno, and minimal undoubtedly deserved…

How’s your year been so far, what have been the highlights?

R: This year was great so far thank you!
Lot of traveling and studio sessions for remixes and new materials coming soon.
The highlights so far were the huge reception of my remix for my good friend Baikal on his label Maeve, I didn’t expected it to be honest.
In top of that playing so many top clubs and festival in my home country was something that was absolutely stunning as well.

When you were first introduced to electronic music?

R: By the radioshow every Friday/Saturday night on the national Swiss Radio Couleurs 3.
The residents were Tony Humphries, Mandrax, Djamin to name a few. Great way to enter the deep side of that new thing that was called house music.

You have always kept a distinct sound that manages to stay melodic, yet still driving. Were there any influences or aims that led you to this sound

R: Yes, you are right. It’s a priority for me to sound and respect the house music from his pure form. Which is connected to Chicago, Detroit and New Jersey sound. Vocals, strong melodies and hard work on the edit are my golden rules.

What drives your creativity mostly; what gets you up and writing new music day after day?

R: Good question, I do music as i breath and it’s the only thing i can do not too bad i think.
When I’m tired of producing I do a break and focus my interest on other things like books movies, painting etc… I simply need art forms around me to feel good.

rippertonYou started your Tamed Musiq in 2012. Why and what is the music background behind your label?

R: I wanted to restart a fresh things for my own productions only. But as I’m a dj and I’m luckily enough to get some great friends that make astonishing music and kind enough to send them to me, I started to release them on Xtra-Tamed. I just want to release the best of them, the ones i think that deserve it. There’s way too much “okay” productions right now but “okay” is not “okay” anymore.. we all want more, I mean more personal records less functional.

Your relatively new project “Headless Ghost” saw releases on Clone Royal Oak & Tamed Musiq. Why change monikers? What was the thinking behind that?

R: Headless ghost came first on STHLM audio in 2009, I had that nice bunch of tracks sleeping in my computer and one night Agnès came by and was drunk enough to sign them all. They were more housey and raw than what I did with Ripperton so the idea of that moniker came by. The house was almost gone at this “minimal” rise period, so yeah ghost and headless because they came straight from the heart and not from the mind.

Basing House, at the moment, is probably the best small underground venue in London. How do you feel performing to an intimate crowd?

R: My first show there last year was outstanding, I love small venues. What is a party? It’s just you, me and a good sound system. who care about the numbers. I guess that’s all I need to be a happy dj.

Who are you on the day to day outside of music? What else do you like doing?

R: I have a family, two young kids, so it takes almost all my time outside of the studio, I watch a lot of series as well, otherwise some good dinner with friends!

What else can we expect from Ripperton in the near future?

R: I have just signed a new song called “Unfold” on Innervisions that should drop end of June, a remix for Noir & Haze on Noir music, a new collaboration with Deetron as Roots Panorama on his new label Character coming soon and a track called “Searchin 4 you” for the Systematic 10 years anniversary compilation, that will feature exclusively on the new Deetron’s Fabric mix as well.

Catch Ripperton on Saturday 31st of May at Bread & Butter [Basing House-London]

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Audio: Andre Galluzzi @ Bread & Butter

4hr set from Andre Galluzzi recorded @ Bread & Butter – Basing House available to download! 

Party: Bread & Butter with Ripperton & Moodtrap


On 31st of May we welcome back Ripperton after his amazing set at Bread & Butter last year. Joining us on the night will be Tsuba’s duo Moodtrap plus residents Jamma & Max.


With an artist name derived from the legendary soul singer Minnie Riperton, it’s crystal clear everything is based around soul for Raphael Gros aka Ripperton aka Headless Ghost.

Mid-noughties, Ripperton gained massive attention through his his Lazy Fat People project releasing on labels such as Border Community, Planet E, and Wagon Repair. It was in that very same period when Ripperton made his breakthrough as solo artist with an almost endless run of releases topped with a series of high proOile remixes. From immersive techno to reOined house, Ripperton adds a newfound sense of introspection to electronic house and techno music.

In 2010 the long awaited debut album ‘Niwa’ is released on Green. Ripperton’s debut album dips you into a bathtub Oilled with organic sounds and beautiful melodies. By the end of 2011, Ripperton shows his compositional talent on the mini album ‘Lost in Colours’, released on Systematic. In between these two projects Ripperton collaborates with Deetron and they deliver the outstanding ‘Depth Frame’ EP on Music Man. The Swiss duo even takes it a step further by creating Roots Panorama releasing ‘Threee’ on Versatile.

2013 turns out to be the next exciting year in his career with a new album ‘A Little Part Of Shade’ on Green. The LP’s multiple programmed rhythms loosely mimic a more natural world and see’s him work alongside a variety of artists. The thirteen tracks reOlect Ripperton his approach to electronic music production, song writing attitude, and the sense of poignant delivery that extends the purview of techno clubs. The same year Ripperton returns with his Headless Ghost guise. A side project, making its way to the forefront, devoted to hardware and analogue recordings. After the 2009 ‘Backend’ EP, Headless Ghost delivered three stunning EP’s: ‘Fronted’ (Clone Royal Oak), ‘Out’ (Tamed Musiq), and ‘77’ (Tamed Musiq).

By 2014 Headless Ghost is going live on stage backed up with a live visual show (by Aiko).
It is not only as a DJ/producer that Ripperton has his grip on the electronic scene, but he also runs ‘Tamed Musiq’ which is an intimate imprint with no rules nor borders and home to a series of groundbreaking EP’s. From 2006 to 2012, Ripperton also ran the infamous Perspectiv stamp, which has been put on hold for the time being.


Shedding the identity of their current producer / DJ project, Moodtrap duo will remain anonymous in a bid to simply let their music do the talking. Their purist approach towards the promotion of Mootrap is both refreshing and reflective of the attitude of their music, namely 90s influenced, classic house sounds.
Having first appeared with a track on the wonderfully inimitable Tsuba Records, Moodtrap’s releases are for Kevin Griffiths’ imprint exclusively. The debut EP, ‘Body To Body’ unveils four accomplished, underground house tracks. Displaying an old school energy and an utterly charming rawness, the guys have got their new alias off to a flying start. Their follow up, the ‘Make It Right’ EP sees the duo delving into the various different sides of their masked personalities. Through three new productions, the pair explore a heady concoction of bass driven techno, indulging their dubbier aesthetic before touching on the sounds of bassline and even garage.

Ripperton [Border Community – Clone]

Moodtrap [Tsuba]

Jamma & Max. [Bread & Butter]

Date: Saturday 31 May 2014
Time: 22:00 – 04:00
Venue: Basing House
25 Kingsland Road; Shoreditch; London E2 8AA;
Damage: £5/7/10/12

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