Party: B&B with Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton//Berghain) all day bank holiday special @ The Camp London

For the 3rd year Bread & Butter comes back with a series of exclusive all day Bank Holiday Sunday events!

The internationally renowned MARCEL FENGLER (Ostgut Ton), dj resident of legendary BERGHAIN in Berlin will perform his unique signature sounds to an appreciative crowd along with Bread and Butter djs resident.

Techno according to Marcel Fengler has nothing to do with being a go-getter or having an alternative career, it is way more than means to an end: it is his definitive and concentrated passion.

In Marcel Fengler’s world, opposites attract. Ambient and electronica are equal parts in his sets that owe as much to the UK’s progressive school of relentless techno as they do to that special “Berghain sound”. A dictum created by music journalists and a description that is a diverging as Berghain’s resident DJs. Being one of them since day one, Fengler made his very own and self-confident contribution to that sound. He really knows his craft. Fengler’s DJ sets are characteristically offensive and dynamic, hard and consistent, but also surprising and emotional. In a realm that is dominated by technology and machines, his bright personality and

the human aspect stay visible. You can feel his personal touch.

A similar versatility can also be found in his studio work. Marcel’s fondness for synth pads goes along with gloomy electro, hard and steady-paced techno doesn’t compete with his sense for moods and deepness. His search for different parts that work as a whole is as visible here as it is in his DJ style. Marcel Fengler looks for quality over quantity. Nothing leaves his studio that hasn’t passed this test. Neither artificial shortage of releases nor coyness, this behaviour is essentially Marcel Fengler: passion before purpose.

Though he tends to keep a pretty low profile, Marcel Fengler is rightly considered as one of the finest techno DJs currently in operation. At Berlin venues Berghain and Arena, and at underground parties around Europe, his sets have a refined, atmospheric quality that betrays impeccable taste and years spent behind the decks. Indeed, his credentials are pretty hard to argue with: he got his start in the early ’90s spinning at a youth club alongside future Ostgut-Ton mate Marcel Dettmann. Over the next decade and a half, he honed his craft at E-Werk, Tresor and finally Berghain, where he currently pummels the shadows on a monthly basis.

Every Berghain resident has his strong suit: Dettmann’s got a knack for keeping it grim, DJ Pete has his command of dub, and Ben Klock’s got a way of weaving between Chicago house and punishing techno. With Marcel Fengler, it’s the overall range that impresses most. Like all good DJs, he’s a master of building a vibe, but also knows how to let it taper off while maintaining tension, pulling the audience into deeper territory while preparing for another assault.


Video: Miss Jools @ B&B London


Video: Bloody Mary @ B&B London

Audio: Brear & Butter Podcast 5 – Mr F


Ahead of his appearance at B&B Bank Holiday Special next month at The Camp the London based DJ and producer Mr F has prepared B&B Podcast 5 that reflects his love for underground house and techno.

In his words:

“This mix shows the tougher side of techno that I am really enjoying right now – I have chosen tracks from artists and labels that are a constant inspiration, each one so enjoyable to mix, listen to and have a dance around to. The process did involve being fairly self indulgent but I always had my mind firmly on how it could fuel the dancefloor…”


Tracklist for the mix

Tachyon – Traversable Wormhole (CLR)
Reticle – Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
Grit (Skudge Remix) – Iori (Phonica White)
Back In The Day – Claro Intelecto
Bounce – a made up sound (Clone Basement Series)
1992 (Instrumental Version) – Dexter (Dolly)
Dark Energy – STL (Something)
Lifted (Shifted Remix) – Furesshu (Project Squared)
Where 2D Meets 3D (Chris Liebing Remix) – Traversable Wormhole (CLR) Unrest (Norman Nodge remix) – Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
Lovelane – Frank Martiniq (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
No Pressure (Original Mix) – Marco Zenker (Harry Klein)
joiku – Samuli Kemppi (Prologue)
Untitled (Original Mix) – Function (Sandwell District)
Superluminal – Traversable Wormhole (CLR)
Frantic Formula – Falko Brocksieper (Treibstoff)

Bread & Butter 3rd B-Day with Miss Jool @ Russian Bar

Bread & Butter celebrates its 3rd B-day at Russian Bar!

The internationally renowned MISS JOOLS from Mobilee will perform her unique signature sounds to an appreciative crowd along with Bread and Butter djs resident & friends.

London native Julia Porter, known to many as Miss Jools, has not only found a home in Berlin since the summer of 2008 but a reputable DJ name as well.

Miss Jools officially launched her career in the music industry in 1995 after a series of DJ gigs around London landed her a radio spot on London’s underground radio station, “Girls FM”. She was able to freely exercise her musical tastes and choices twice a week on the radio show: her hand-picked vinyl selections were inspired by assorted techno and house pioneers of the early nineties. Simultaneously she became the head buyer for Electronic music in one of London’s longest standing records shops BM-Soho (formerly known as Black Market Records). Even with her busy DJ-ing schedule and studio work, her constant love affair and support for vinyl kept her finding a few days a week to stay firmly rooted in the record shop, which she has supported and worked at for many years. With an ear for flourishing technological advancements, flowing trends, and ongoing changes in the electronic music scene, her career began to amplify to extraordinary heights.

In 2002 Miss Jools made herself a household name by co-founding and promoting London’s hottest Sunday night affair, the “Clandestino,” mothering a techno-suave crowd, robust baselines, airy melodies and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Clandestino has hosted the likes of Anja Schneider, Guido Schneider, Chloe, Dinky, Clive Henry and many more. In 2006 Miss Jools collaborated with Audiofly, giving birth to the production outfit Sleeper Thief, which received massive support from quintessential names like Luciano, Damian Lazarus, Phonique and M.A.N.D.Y.

Today Miss Jools not only DJs but also produces, drawing on influences as varied as deep house, minimal, funk and techno. Her first solo release was recorded on mobilee in the winter of 2008 and she is already the third artist to mix and compile mobilee’s Back to Back compilation CD series. She has also released “Cenotes” on Sleeper Thief, as well as other tracks on Mood music, Catwash, Tanzbar, Souvenir and Mina. Coming up she has a remix which will be featured on Time Has Changed records’ second mix compilation in May. Her comprehensive knowledge of electronic music and melting-pot of experience has made Miss Jools a valuable asset to not only to the mobilee family but to the electronic music world in general.