Bread & Butter talk with their headliners

Before derbruden Zenker come to London to play for Bread and Butter at Basing House we caught up with Dario & Marco Zenker to talk Harry Klein, kung fu and he gives us his guide to Munich.

How’s your year been so far, what have been the highlights? Great so far. Heavy winter in Munich. We are celebrating our five year anniversary with Ilian Tape and beside that working a lot as usual.  One highlight was the birthday party at Harry Klein with Claro Intelecto Live and Regen.  Then Dario’s gig at Panorama Bar where we went with all our friends and Snafu in Aberdeen gig wise.  There is a lot of amazing music out there right now, hard to pick just one name.
Otherwise FC Bayern and the Champions league Final.

When were you first introduced to electronic music? Well super early actually as our mum was a gipsy and following the roots of Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago and Wisconsin. So we were born behind a Warehouse on the parking space where our mum lived and we grew up. The Tent we lived in was owned by Farly Jackmaster Funk and Jeff Mills.


You started your label Ilian Tape in 2007. Why and what is the music background behind your label? Ilian tape is our baby.Run by Marco, Andi and Me, it was founded in 2007 actually. I was running the old dub label from my dad called hometown music but it didn’t work out so we just had to create a new label because we had already stuff lined up.The first record on Ilian Tape by Lee Van Dowski & Dachshund was actually supposed to come out on hometown music as 005. We had the master cuts already done so it went quite fast. As we were distributed by Intergroove for the first 4 records, we took a break until beginning 2010 because we lost a lot of money with Intergroove. Since Ilian 005 we are working without distribution.That just gives us more space and freedom, and we really like to do whatever we want and we are in fully control about everything.

You also run the HarryKlein-Label and a resident in the same-named club. How it came about? Yeah Marco and me are running Harry Klein records. It was founded by all residents of the club end 2009. We are just taking care of everything. I used to play on Stock 5 party at Harry Klein club like 6-7 years ago, so I’ve got involved into the whole thing. We played there more and more and suddenly I had a residency. We really grew with that club as. Our whole style of playing and interacting with the crowd was actually experienced there and of course all other shows we played at already, but Harry Klein was like our space to experiment and test our own productions and really to connect with the crowd.

Tell us a little bit about the general inspiration / influence for your new projects? There is no general Inspiration. Music just happens out of nothing. When we produce music together for example we just smoke and laugh a lot. That’s how it goes mostly. We just jam. We just moved into a new House in the Turkish Town of Munich. Most amazing area of the city for us. The only hood where you have the feeling of living in a big city. Super multicultural. That is probably our main influence right now. But besides that love, food, music, kung fu, friends, weather, dancing and the list goes on and on and on.

What’s happening in Munich? Well we have a very old Techno/House scene already. Since beginning of the 90′s or so? The scene is pretty big overall. But of course there is a small more intimate crowd aswell. If u catch a good night the people are very open & enthusiastic for the music.of course the city has a big influence on the nightlife aswell. I think it’s the bavarian mood, very good atmosphere.

Some of your tracks are very reflective and almost experimental, are you influenced by ambient and experimental music at all? No not really. We just wanna create a certain atmosphere in our tracks that goes another direction than just super functional stuff. Of course it has to be functional in a way too, but that is not the main goal.

Who are you on the day to day outside of music? What else do you like doing? Mark US & Diri D. Playing football, robbing old women, stealing cars in the Landwehr Avenue and just running Munich.

The Zenker’s must-see-guide for Munich:

– Beer-garden: The most lovely one ist the one called “Menterschwaige” . It is close by the Isar and just beautiful. You can even see FC Bayern players there once in a while.

– Shopping: The Vintage Stores Kleidermarkt and Alexa. Munich is not the best shopping city for me to be honest. So go VINTAGE!

– Culture: Techno City Munich!

– Outside: Everywhere at the lovely Isar. My favourite place is at the Grosshessloher Brücke.

– Bar: Jazz Bar Vogler at the Glockenbachviertel. Live Jazz. Good Whiskey.

– Restaurant: The greek place called Paros is Haidhausen. Amazing greek food and great service.


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