Party: Bread & Butter present REDSHAPE

Mystery, theatre, intensity, enigma. Detroit electronic dogma beneath a red mask from Berlin. Underground extravagance or professional scene player? One thing is certain: a true respect for the faceless history of Techno music is played out in dramatic phantom style. Redshape’s live shows are truly a unique spectacle to behold.

Journalist Pete Chambers once said about Redshape that “The future of the past never sounded more contemporary.” This couldn’t be more true of such a unique entity on the global dance music scene. A live electronic performer playing seriously expressive music behind an expressionless red mask – and every weekend across the planet. Digging deep into the roots of American house and techno music yet drawing on all the most contemporary techniques of European minimal, dubstep and beyond. The red mask becomes a time machine for the dancefloor, a vision of what’s about to come. To Redshape, there is “a lot of ‘true’ music out there and the ‘golden age’ doesn’t need to be recalled, it’s still here—just looking different than before.”

Intentional? Accidental? Either way, this artist has been on the tips of every DJ and producer’s tongue since his his first ep “Shapedworld” was released in 2006 on Dutch label Delsin – the same label that released “The Dance Paradox” late last year. With numerous releases and remixes on heavyweight labels such as R&S and Music Man, Redshape has already left a serious impression within discerning circles and continues to attract fans with each show and each release.

His live performances are more of the same. Intense. Never the same. It is like industrial jazz continually improvised and hell bent for the dancefloor. Gritty grooves, ethereal synthesized chords, a keen sense of how to move his audience.

Join us for what will be one of this year’s highlights on the electronic music roster as we present:


Saturday 28th January 2012
Basing House of Shoreditch- London

Tickets on Resident Advisor


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