Exclusive interview with Redshape

B&B: When were you first introduced to electronic music?

Redshape: Roughly ’94. I started to DJ 2 years later.

B&B: How would you say your tastes have evolved since the start of Redshape? Have there been any specific big shifts?

Redshape: No, no big shifts – not even minor ones. OK, the UK scene had an extra influence over the last 1-2 years, rather than. I still love that dirty house techno vibe from the beginning.

B&B: Your sound is definitely influenced by different genres of music. Can you tell me why you think it’s important for producers and electronic music producers in particular to have an open mind to music of all styles and genres?

Redshape:  I won’t judge people doing what they have to do – but – as a comparison to painted art, it’s like as if you watched only one, probably really nice, painting all your life – and then suddenly decide to achieve its magic by trying to copy it. Different angles are always the key to creating something special yet close to your own complexity.

B&B: What drives your creativity mostly; what gets you up and writing new music day after day?

Redshape: Good question, once I get behind I gonna be more productive! if I meet interesting people during my travels or have a nice demanding time in general, something in me awakens and wants to express itself musically – no idea how to switch that on though.

B&B: Your new project “Palisade” saw its first release last year in May on Laid Records. Why change monikers? What was the thinking behind that?

Redshape: I actually wanted to create a new label, but the lovely guys from Laid kind of convinced me going another route. At that time I really needed a break from “fast forward” – so i decided to build a “Palisade” around some deep deep areas in me and see what happens.

B&B: You are quite regular at London’s Fabric nightclub playing for a big audience. Basing House, at the moment, is probably the best small underground venue in London. How do you feel performing to an intimate crowd?

Redshape: I love intimate crowd and venues – all the best moments I can remember happened in such places. So – yeah I’m really looking forward – as music tends to get more intimate as well – from time to time.

B&B: About your live show at Basing House…how it will works and the setups you are currently running?

Redshape: My traditional setup, Faderfox – drum controller, UC – 8 channel (harmony) mixing desk, Octatrack – extra live drums & stuff & a 4 channel DJ mixer to put all this together. No prepared breaks or arrangements, only 1 bar loops, 1 hit samples sequenced and arranged live.

B&B: What else can we expect from Redshape in the near future?

Redshape: Next will be my release on Martyn’s 3024 label and a remix I did for him on Brainfeeder. As soon I’m finished with this interview I’m gonna continue working on the new album, which hopefully will be done (written / produced) till March / April. I aim for a 2nd half 2012 release.


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