Artist of the month: Alex Flatner

The personal data sheet of Alex Flatner is abuzz famous projects, collaborations, labels and worldwide venues while he mostly remains the quiescent gentleman behind the scenes. Meeting him without knowing his remarkable stages of success would rather draw a picture of a congenial guy who has seen quite a lot of places worldwide and is convinced about himself but he rarely points out what he reached so far. To meet Alex is like seeing a long time friend and one would be quite surprised that Alex runs several prosperous labels, works as A&R manager, producer and DJ all over the globe.
Flatner’s mode of pure understatement factors out several facts which have to be mentioned talking about a matchless track record in music business: Besides being A&R manager for stuff like Harthouse, Plastic City and some more quality essentials and running his own imprints Gedankensport and Circle Music he has a broad ranged output taking course parallel to his full time multitasking business and travels throughout the countries every weekend. He released a fabulous mix CD (World Of Circle) linked with touring through France, India, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Poland and Russia.
Alex made a great effort signing artists as Sebastien Leger, Reboot, Robert Babicz , Ken Ishii, Valentino Kanzyani, Joey Beltram, Umek, Leandro Gamez, Bryan Zentz and Gui Boratto for his Circle Music imprint.
Being “stage director” and producer he has recently remixed Gui Boratto’s “Atol”,Terry Lee Brown Junior,s “Pulsar” or Steve Lawler’s “Almerina”, Mike Vamp,s “High On Heels” cooperates with the likes Lopazz (Get Physical), Anderson Noise, Joey Beltram, Toni Rios, Einzelkind and Santos. Appeared on Sven Väth “ In the Ninth Season ” (Cocoon) or Loco Dice Compilation”In The Lab”.

Check his last effort on Pokerflat:


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  1. cool feature of our buddies here!

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