Party: Blaue Nacht Launch Party wirh Blind Minded

Bread & Butter is proud to start a series of new events called “BLAUE NACTH’ at Russian bar in the heart of Shoreditch.

The mission of BLAUE NACTH will be to explore new musical trends in electronic music and more experimental genres
with a particular attention to the techno underground movement.

For this first appointment, we aim to keep our tradition in term of quality line-up.
The internationally renowned BLIND MINDED will perform their unique signature sounds to an appreciative crowd along with Bread and Butter djs resident.

Giorgio Cadamuro a.k.a. Blind Minded is a new exiting upcoming producers of the techno music scene. Signed on Trapez, where he is about to unleash his third release in less than a year, he has already captured the attention of many big names in the scene, all notably coming from different music styles. This is due to his quirky and eclectic music taste
that characterizes his sound.                                                                                                         An hidden drum & bass soul, has transformed into techno in the years, and from his infamous illegal parties in the early 2000, now he is one of the hottest names in London, and it’s not coincidence that he play as resident dj for London’s craziest and acclaimed party LOKEE alongside some other uber-cool parties around, like Wilde Renate in Berlin.

Reviewers describe his music as “the return of what used to be of the Detroit sound, blended with modern spontaneous changes in mood and crossovers which will put a smile on your face.”
His sets are hi-energy and rich in melodies, the range goes from early techno to contemporary house. After just few minutes of his music, you can always feel his background in the details that he maniacally exposes during his performances; capturing people’s interest musically and visually (You won’t see many people playing the Theremin live these days!)

Giorgio is not a kid playing with softwares, he is a true producer that has only recently landed into the techno music scene. And people are already showing interest from the very
beginning .

What’s next?
Check out the New track release on Moon Harbour out in August and the 2 killer tracks featured on the Circoloco Compilation out this summer.


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