Party: B&B with Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton//Berghain) all day bank holiday special @ The Camp London

For the 3rd year Bread & Butter comes back with a series of exclusive all day Bank Holiday Sunday events!

The internationally renowned MARCEL FENGLER (Ostgut Ton), dj resident of legendary BERGHAIN in Berlin will perform his unique signature sounds to an appreciative crowd along with Bread and Butter djs resident.

Techno according to Marcel Fengler has nothing to do with being a go-getter or having an alternative career, it is way more than means to an end: it is his definitive and concentrated passion.

In Marcel Fengler’s world, opposites attract. Ambient and electronica are equal parts in his sets that owe as much to the UK’s progressive school of relentless techno as they do to that special “Berghain sound”. A dictum created by music journalists and a description that is a diverging as Berghain’s resident DJs. Being one of them since day one, Fengler made his very own and self-confident contribution to that sound. He really knows his craft. Fengler’s DJ sets are characteristically offensive and dynamic, hard and consistent, but also surprising and emotional. In a realm that is dominated by technology and machines, his bright personality and

the human aspect stay visible. You can feel his personal touch.

A similar versatility can also be found in his studio work. Marcel’s fondness for synth pads goes along with gloomy electro, hard and steady-paced techno doesn’t compete with his sense for moods and deepness. His search for different parts that work as a whole is as visible here as it is in his DJ style. Marcel Fengler looks for quality over quantity. Nothing leaves his studio that hasn’t passed this test. Neither artificial shortage of releases nor coyness, this behaviour is essentially Marcel Fengler: passion before purpose.

Though he tends to keep a pretty low profile, Marcel Fengler is rightly considered as one of the finest techno DJs currently in operation. At Berlin venues Berghain and Arena, and at underground parties around Europe, his sets have a refined, atmospheric quality that betrays impeccable taste and years spent behind the decks. Indeed, his credentials are pretty hard to argue with: he got his start in the early ’90s spinning at a youth club alongside future Ostgut-Ton mate Marcel Dettmann. Over the next decade and a half, he honed his craft at E-Werk, Tresor and finally Berghain, where he currently pummels the shadows on a monthly basis.

Every Berghain resident has his strong suit: Dettmann’s got a knack for keeping it grim, DJ Pete has his command of dub, and Ben Klock’s got a way of weaving between Chicago house and punishing techno. With Marcel Fengler, it’s the overall range that impresses most. Like all good DJs, he’s a master of building a vibe, but also knows how to let it taper off while maintaining tension, pulling the audience into deeper territory while preparing for another assault.


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